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Handcuffing Training Course
Developed by The Smith & Wesson Academy

This course is designed to give the officer tactical handcuff training based upon contact, control, and speed in application.

Course content includes:

  • Handcuff Selection / Tactical Environment
  • Types of Subjects  / Resistance Encountered
  • Tactical Considerations and Positioning
  • Contact and Cover Principles
  • Liabilities of Handcuffing / Case Law
  • Force Considerations
  • Proper Application and Release – Standing / Kneeling / Prone
  • Iron Wrist Lock Takedown
  • Pat Frisk Procedures
  • Documenting Uses of Force




Tactical Handcuffing

Did you know?

  • Handcuffs are used in 82.3% of all arrests.
  • 70% of subjects that resist arrest are intoxicated.
  • Studies indicate that resistance is typically encountered after the first cuff is applied.
  • The speed-cuffing method of application enables an officer to handcuff a subject within 3 seconds.
  • Most subjects under the influence of alcohol are not aware that they have been handcuffed until after the second cuff has already been applied.


DRP Training Service / Instructor Dana R. Poirier
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